Saturday, January 30, 2010

(Possibly) My Last Payout From Today dot com

Hey everyone! I received my payout from Today dot com for my celebrity blog, but the sad thing is, I won't be able to earn as much from Today dot com this year. 

The people at Today dot com are known for their vagueness and fishiness in applying their terms and conditions. They change their rules and terms without even telling their bloggers beforehand. They even closed their forum and told everyone that they need more time to maintain it.

I won't be able to earn for the traffic I receive at my celebrity blog. Today dot com obviously cannot afford to pay me more than $100 per month anymore, so now, I can only earn 50% of their Google Adsense revenue. This means that I will only earn from the Adsense ads on my celebrity blog if someone clicks on it.

The thing is, why promise to pay the bloggers for whatever when you can't deliver your promises?

This sucks ass and I've vowed to only post there to keep my blog alive (not deleted or suspended) so that at least I can earn some from Adsense. I'm thinking of starting my own celebrity blog soon and copy my old posts. 

I spoke so highly of Today dot com and this is what I get. I STILL have about $23 from my previous earning and they owe me, since payout is at $50.

To read more about how much Today dot com sucks, click here, here and here.

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  1. i was thinking of signing up at Today oso te debbs before, but unfortunately, they're not serving Phils.hehe..

    but, better yet now that i havent signed up and that they're not available with ur info stated here..

    thanks for this te debbs; and oh, in fairness u have high kaching still!!

  2. How to identify adsense LCPC/MFA Junk Ads : cause of your poor earning

  3. I feel ya, Debbs! It sucks donkey balls to the max and just when both of my blogs are doing so well.. anyways, I just hope that this won't be the end of HC, JPP and TAF... *hugs*


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