Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Got Paid!

Yup yup! I got my first online job payment! Yay!! I have $72.57 now in my Paypal account. Not bad huh, since I started just about a month ago? ;) Here's my proof of payment, just for you to view.

Click on image to view large

FYI, Matched paid me GBP 8.00 for posting two 125x125 ads for a month, ReviewMe paid me $35.00 for 3 different product reviews, PayPerPost paid me $20.00 for a blog post and Blogsvertise paid me $2.00 for a short review (my blog was in probation period at that time).

Enough proof for you? Why don't you join me and earn more! Instead of blogging for free, start earning now by joining me on PayPerPost, Blogsvertise, ReviewMe and Matched.

Here's another easy way for you to earn! Complete short surveys on Dneero, post them on your blogs and start earning! :) Yay! Join me on DNeero now!


  1. Wohoottt!!! Wah Phat-Wallet! I like the sound of that!! Pandai lah you cari nama...Awesome!!

    More earning power girl!!

    Congrats on your new blog :)

  2. Wah first comment, ever! Thanks for supporting in the quest of phattening my wallet! Lol!! ;)

  3. Hi Deb! Looks like you're on your way to making big buckeroos, good job! :):):)

  4. Hi Marzie! Hope so la. More $$$ for us! Yay!! :):)


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