Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BluScenes Ambient/Scenic Blu-ray Discs

BluScenes ambient Blu-ray discs are great as mood enhancers. Choose an ambient Blu-ray disc according to the mood that you'd like to achieve, such as the Classic Fireplace for a warm, romantic ambience, or the Coral Reef Aquarium for a relaxing and soothing environment at the office.

You can also choose the Journey Through Space for a more interesting out-of-this-world experience. All three discs feature soundtracks that is said to be just enough and not overwhelming. No cheesy new age or elevator music on them. I think these ambient Blu-ray discs are worth checking out.

BluScenes - www.bluscenes.com
A great deal on a bundle of 3 ambient/scenic Blu-ray discs
(Coral Reef Aquarium, Classic Fireplace, and Journey Through Space).


  1. Byk PB for PW dis month cutie, OKB! I love mood enhancers too, I just wanna be surrounded with serenity at all times.... zen....

  2. Hahaha no la, this one's pay per click only..hehe :)


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