Sunday, November 1, 2009

FutureTweets No Longer Allowing Recurring Tweets

Remember my post about the awesome auto-tweeting program, FutureTweets? Guess it's not as awesome as before. Apparently, the folks at FutureTweets were warned by the people at Twitter for providing recurring updates functionality to twitterers.

As much as I loved the feature, I guess I'd rather go through the hassle of manual tweeting than getting my Twitter account suspended. Now, the only thing you can do over at FutureTweets is schedule your tweets as usual, but you will not be able to set your tweets to be auto-published daily. You can still view and edit your old tweets to be republished at a future time and date, though.

I don't think I'll be using FutureTweets anymore after this. For more information on the topic, check out Twitter TOS and Twitter forum thread.

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LadyJava - Blogger Cats


  1. Thanks for the update dearie.. i was wondering what happened to all my tweets there.. :(

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  2. No problem, LJ! Not fun la, cannot queue tweets anymore. Hehehe...

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