Saturday, August 16, 2008

More August Payment Received!

Yay! I'm rich! I received $50 from RevResponse and £6 from Matched. The payment from Matched was converted to USD, though. I don't mind at all because it's still good money! You can read more about RevResponse here and Matched here. I hope you'll join us and earn earn earn!

Here are the Paypal transaction screen shots:

RevResponse (click to view large)

Matched (click to view large)


  1. Yihaa!!! you're rich.. yihaa!!! i'm rich!! come join us and be rich like!!!

  2. Yay!! I can't wait for our next pay. :):)

  3. congrates, debbie!! im joining u in matched.

    i've seen the revrespose website, is it like ucash?

  4. Hi Jean! :) Welcome to Matched!

    RevResponse is not like Ucash. RevResponse allow you to promote magazine subscriptions. LJ knows more about it than me. She's my MMO guru. She can explain better. :):)

  5. Did someone mentioned my name?? My ears are!!

    Yeay.. Jean is joining Matched.. hurry up Jean.. and earn your first 5 pounds..hehe

    Jean.. Debbie's right.. RevResponse is not like Ucash at all.. Ucash is a redirect program whereby with RevResponse you actually get paid to promote online subscription to people...

    Have fun!!

  6. Aloha MMO guru! See jean, she's the expert/ Lol!

    Jean, don't forget to submit all your blogs at Matched. It's really a no-brainer and they pay every month in pound sterling. I wish I have that symbol on my keyboard. :)

  7. hahah.. mana ada guru.. still learning also mah...lolzz

    Debbie.. copy paste lah from word..lolzz!!

  8. Ok la bukan guu, cikgu then! Hehehe.. tu la have to copy paste la, no choice.

  9. haha, okok, both of you are my MMO guru! :)

    ok, first thing about matched. I've registered. What should i put in the add page column. It allows us to add up to 5 pages per website. And where do i get the ad code?

    second thing about revresposne, if it's not like ucash, then i can register for that also. But let me get straighten up the things at matched first.

    Help me, help me, Gurus!!

  10. Jean, you have to submit your blogs first and choose one category for each blog. Matched will let you know by email if your blogs are approved. (Mine is insurance. Doesn't have to follow your blog category.)

    You'll get a dropdown menu where you can select ad size (same row with "add another page"). After selecting ad size, the page with the code will appear. Note that the codes for every blog is different.

    I hope you understand my explanation. :):)

  11. Oh ya Jean, it's quite difficult to earn from RevResponse. They only offer subscriptions to certain countries.

    LJ and I earned the $50 from their July challenge, where we had to write a review for the program and not from promoting the subscriptions. They do have challenges from time to time, though. :)

  12. Hi Jean..

    what deb is correct.. sumbit your blog, just one url would do.. and select your category..

    they would write to you if they are ads available for your blog...after that you can just follow their instruction..

    let us know if you need any help ok :)

  13. Deb & LJ,
    u mean i dont need to put my page url, rite? only my blog url, rite?

    and i need to wait for their email first, kan! :)

  14. Yup, that's right, Jean! Only your blog url. When you get the email, let us know ya! :) We'll be here to help.

  15. okie dokie!! thanks alot, deb!!

    and thanks to you too, LJ!! :)

    Happy Sunday to my both MMO Gurus!! :D

  16. No problem, Jean.. :):) Happy Sunday to you too!

  17. deb!! revresponse has rejected AGP! ><

    After reviewing your application we are sorry to inform you that you have
    not met
    our partnership criteria. At this time your request has been denied.

    one MMO program gone for me!! :P

  18. Aiyo, nevermind la Jean. So difficult also to earn from RevResponse. Try other programs ya! :):)


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