Friday, August 15, 2008

Paid To Write Reviews - Review Stream

I came across a website, where you can write products and services reviews and get paid. The site is called Review Stream and there are a number of reviewers currently earning from them. You can read any type of product reviews there and since each review is short, reading them is a pleasure.

All you have to do is write a review on any products that you've tried and loved or hated and share your opinion there. You don't have to register with the site. Anytime you feel like writing, you can just go to the Write Review page and submit your review. A short review of about 100 words will do and the current price is $2.00. You'll get more money if other reviewers or readers like your reviews and vote for you! How simple is that? The banner below will bring you to the website. Don't forget to put your e-mail address according to your Paypal address. Quick, join Review Stream now!


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