Saturday, June 12, 2010

Watch Fifa World Cup 2010 Online

So I watched both World Cup 2010 matches last night. I don't have a tv and I'm too lazy to go to the nearest cafe to watch the matches on big screen, so what I did was search for a way to watch it online.

I found this awesome website that featured 10 channels on one page. Of course, you can only watch one at a time. Lol! The channels lag from time to time, but I'm not complaining. The best thing to do is to close all applications such as chats. Remember to close the chat box on the website too.

Today, there are 3 matches to watch but I'm looking forward to watching England play. I hope I won't be disappointed, otherwise I might as well not watch Fifa World Cup 2010 until the final match. :P

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