Friday, October 24, 2008

How To Shop Wisely

Shopping is something that everyone can't afford to avoid, unless you have someone who does it for you, of course. Here are some tips that I personally use as my shopping mantra. These apply to any type of shopping, be it grocery or even clothes!

Tip #1 - No shopping on empty stomach
You might want to get a bite before going for a shopping spree. If you shop while your stomach is grumbling, you might find that everything on the food shelves look extra appealing. You might end up with a cartload of unnecessary items and end up buying food that are high in calories. You might also end up buying that ugly garment just because you're too hungry and can't wait to go to eat.

Tip #2 - No children, please
Unless you're buying clothes for your kids, try not to bring them shopping with you. Kids get tired easily and they have shorter attention span than adults, so they get cranky easily. In the end, you might end up rushing on your shopping and make choices that you might regret later. If you really have to bring your children, make sure someone is there to watch over them while you're shopping.

Tip #3 - Buy in bulk
It is wise to buy nonperishables such as toilet rolls, shampoo, talcum powder and detergent. You'll save a lot if you do this. However, don't buy perishable items like vegetables and poultry products in a large amount, unless you are cooking for a large number of people. You might put them to waste if they're being kept for a long time.

Tip #4 - Check the dates
Due dates, best before dates, preparation dates, they are all important. This is a good practice as you can avoid purchasing expired items buy making sure the due dates are a year or at least a few months ahead. You should look at the preparation dates of meat, fish, and other freshly packed products. The dates will help you determine their freshness.

Tip #5 - Be extra alert
When shopping for clothes, check for tears, snags, loose buttons and zips that are broken or stuck. Don't forget to check if the garment is dirty or faded. Unless you're buying used clothes, brand new clothes shouldn't have these defects. The same goes for food items, don't buy canned food if the cans are rusty.

Have fun shopping as always, but this time wiser with my 5 tips! :)


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  2. Hi magma3637! Thanks for your comment. :) Will hop over to your blog later. :)


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