Saturday, October 11, 2008

DNeero-ites' Fall TV Questions

Finally, more survey from DNeero. I am at $16.81 now, only $3.19 away from receiving my first payout. Yay!! Here's a survey on DNeero-ites questions about Fall TV Season.

I'm now watching the first season of Gossip Girl and I love it. I am really looking forward to watching One Tree Hill Season 5, Ghost Whisperer (all seasons), Supernatural Season 3 and Prison Break Season 3 and 4! Cannot wait!

What's your favourite tv series? Answer this survey and earn.

If you haven't registered with DNeero, do it now! :)


  1. Hi Debbs, how're u feeling now sweetie? Baru nak buat EC round ni, such a busy day today! :)

  2. Hi Marzie, feeling a little better. Kena sore throat la pulak.. :( Other than that, things could get better.

  3. I mean, things could BE better..hehe silly me.


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