Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Adgitize Rocks!

I've just received my first and last payout from CMFAds. Out of the $7+ that I've accumulated on my CMFAds account, I only get 60% because CMFAds claims that they take 40% for taxes.

I was supposed to receive $4.80, but instead I received $4.31 because $0.49 has been deducted as Paypal fees. Anyway, I didn't care much about it because I have removed CMFAds from my blogs.

I'm going to stick to Adgitize because it's one of the most straightforward and honest advertising programs, ever. Earning with Adgitize is easy too. Even though you pay $14 per ad for 31 days, you're guaranteed to make your advertising cost within that 31 days, should you follow all the steps required to maximise your points as an Adgitize member.

I'd recommend Adgitize if you're looking to advertise your blogs and get tonnes of traffic, while earning some money at the same time. Adgitize rocks!


  1. thanks for this post! I am planning to try CMF ads but you changed my mind.. $4 to go and I will advertise my blog to adgitize...=]

  2. Hi Darrel, I'm not sure about advertising on CMFAds because I've never tried it. Good luck with Adgitize, though! :):)


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