Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Leaving Today dot com For Good

I have officially left Today dot com. I wrote to them and asked for my blog to be removed. Here's their reply:

They can have my content for all I care. Lol! My celebrity blog is (still) one of the top blogs there, so that's why I think they're keeping it alive. The blog is disabled now, though, and I managed to uglify it before sending the email to Today dot com admin team.

To all my blogger friends who have linked to my Hot Celebs blog, please kindly remove the links. I would really appreciate that.

I'm going to start a new celeb blog soon. I'm hoping to generate a lot of traffic and earn from Google Adsense and other ads. It will be my new baby.

Wish me luck!

First commenter gets kaching love!

Ane Fallarme


  1. Ooh! I feel bad that you had to leave Today Debbs! HC is a good blog!

  2. I know your celeb blog will be awesome Debbs! :D even more awesome than HC! :) I will miss HC a lot though!

  3. dropped by HC.. way to uglify it! :D

  4. Wah leaving for good eh Debbs.. i still have it and not sure what to do it!!!

  5. Good luck Debbs.. !! kaching!!!

  6. :( So sad.. I feel so sentimental about HC! There were really good times and moments there.. but we have to move on some time, right? That's just unfortunate. Definitely you are still the top blogger there. The best they will ever have.

    Cheers to a good long run with Hot Celebs! And here's a double shot to your new celeb blog!! I'm sure it will be hotter, badder and bigger than HC!

    Good luck! Can't wait for the new one! :)

  7. Just let me know when you celeb site goes live and i will put your badge on my hollywood site and my other ones also. I wish you the best of luck. I know you will do great Debbs.

  8. I understand that. I hope your new celebs site will be much better!

    Best wishes my friend!

  9. Thanks everyone! HC was my baby and it's really hard to let her go, but I have to go on and leave Today dot com.

    I calculated my earnings last night and couldn't believe that I've earned more than $1500 in about 10 months! It helped me a lot in expanding my craft web store. :)

    I hope I'll be able to work on a new blog asap!


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