Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Paid to Tweet on MyLikes

My online money-making guru, LadyJava invited me to join MyLikes recently.I joined instantly because I just want to make money online as much as I can. :)

MyLikes is a money-making program that allows you to utilize your Twitter account to make money. You can also write blog posts about the offers on MyLikes, and you will get paid per click.

Your CPC or Cost Per Click depends on your number of followers. Basically, the more followers you have, the higher your CPC rate will be.

Why don't you join me at MyLikes? There's no harm in trying and payout is at $2 via Paypal!

Click on the banner below to join MyLikes and start monetizing your tweets now!

First commenter gets kaching love!



  1. ish am having problem RT from yesterday so cannot retweet this lah Debbs :(

  2. I also need to write about!! very fast lah you.. love it!!!

  3. Hi LJ! :) Needed to write about something ler..ngam2 pulak I'm adgitizing this blog kan? :)

  4. hahah.. good idea.. mmg you need to write a post a day right :)


  5. I haven joined dis one lol.. biasa la me slopoke!

  6. Came via Adgi Debbs, happy Wed! :)

  7. Happy Wed, GP! Cepat2 la join! :)

  8. Hahahaha see still tak join lagi today lol!!!

    Anyway PW appeared on MPG again! Yay... on my Adgi round now... starting "early" today lol! :)

  9. Hi GP! Happy Thursday! Wah, geng la MPG and PW it seems! :):):)


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