Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Payment from Blogsvertise

Here's another great blogging income, Blogsvertise. I only received one job from them last month. I think if you have blogs with PR2 and above, you'll get better chances to earn more from Blogsvertise.

If you fancy earning through blogging, why don't you join me at Blogsvertise?

Don't forget to view my payment proof! Happy earning!

Payment proof from Blogsvertise ($9.00)

First commenter gets kaching love!

Ane - Diary of Ane


  1. I have so many opps there but I can't do them because I have no internet connection at home!!! Waaaa! :'(

  2. I'll see you this weekend Debbs! :)

  3. Hey Ane! I missed you. Better catch up on some kaching-making this weekend k? :)


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