Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show Me The Money

I've never been in a casino before. The closest I've been to a casino is probably by playing casino games such as Texas Hold'em Poker on Facebook.

However, if I ever had a chance to visit a real casino, I think I will definitely try playing on the slot machines first. I heard that it can get very addictive, but I've also read that there's a certain strategy to win at slot machines. Did you know that slot machines are never random? Apparently, the number of tokens you put in do not affect the mechanism of the slot machine at all!

Whether you play casino games to win big bucks or just for fun, you can always play them online. There are many websites that provide free reviews and guides. Some websites have lists of casinos that are ranked by professional poker and blackjack players, according to payout rate, number of games, bonus size, ease of use and also graphics. is one of these websites. You can also download the casino games from the website and read reviews for each listed online casino website. If you're interested to find out more, just click to visit site. Be sure to read the guidelines, rules and regulations, and terms and conditions for each online casino website.

Have fun!


  1. Love the title.. SHOW ME THE MONEY!! ... lol!!

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  2. Lol!! I love it too, LJ! :)


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