Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Payout from MyLikes

I've joined MyLikes 2 weeks ago and I've got my first payout! All you have to do is join me on MyLikes, choose your Sponsored Likes and once they're approved, you can start promoting them.

You will earn per click and it really depends on how many followers you have on Twitter. You can also promote Sponsored Likes on your blogs. There is also a widget that you can embed on your blogs for more exposure. The more you promote, the more clicks you'll generate and the more money you'll earn!

I earned $6.05 from 32 clicks, that about $0.189 per click. My Sponsored Likes range from $0.10 to $0.33 per click. The best thing is, payout is at only $2.00 and MyLikes pays every Friday! Isn't it awesome?

Checkout my payout proof from MyLikes and while you're at it, I've posted a Sponsored Like at the end of this post. That's how your Sponsored Like will look like, if you join me! Happy earning! :)

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  1. wow! congrats.. haha.. I registered with one of my twitter accounts.. the income now is just $1.48. What good about mylikes is the payout threshold are very low.

  2. Hi Zul! Thanks for dropping by. I also like the low payout threshold. :)

  3. Hey Debbs!! Congrats on your MyLikes payout!! That's really awesome! I hope my MyLikes account gets going soon. LOL!

  4. Hi I would like to inform you that your site is included on my adgitizing tools but the list is only temporary if you are interested to remain pls check out how at

  5. I just joined MyLikes several days ago and am enjoying testing out the new service, so far I made .90 cents from one tweet. It has lots of potential, I like that it pays per click vs a one time tweet payment like SponsoredTweets and allows you to do the program more than one time.

  6. Hi Dragonblogger, I bet you'll make tonnes of money from MyLikes! :) Thanks for dropping by.

  7. i got 4 time payment from mylikes :D

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