Sunday, March 7, 2010

February Payout from Adgitize

I just love Adgitize. I just got paid $13.32 today! I think Adgitize is fun and stress-free, unlike some other advertising programs. The thing with Adgitize is, the more you support them, the easier it is to earn. 

I managed to reach payout last month even though I started advertising this blog, Phat Wallet on 14th February. You'll get points if you advertise and click on the ads, but if you advertise, you are only required to click on 51 blogs as opposed to 100 if you're not advertising during the particular month. 

I also earned from my referrals, so I get bonuses for new referrals and if my referrals advertise, I'll get more! By the way, advertising on Adgitize costs only $14 per month per ad! :)

You can read more about how to earn with Adgitize. Join me on Adgitize and earn more! :) 

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  1. congrats on your earnings te debbs!!!

    i just received mine too! :) :) :)

  2. Congrats!

    And you have solved a great mystery for me that I was too busy to look up the answer. I was wondering if I was getting jipped because I could only click on 51 ads but than it would say 100. Thought something was wrong LOL. So thank you so much for the information!!

  3. Hi Gagay! Thanks for chopping! :)

  4. Hi Alison! It says 100 as soon as you've clicked 51 lol! That is if you advertise. :):)

  5. that's why I loved adgitize so much :P

  6. Yeah, me too, Josie! :) Thanks for the visit!

  7. Hey Ane! Yay! Loving Adgitize! :)


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