Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Going Green Tips That Help Save Money

Going green is very important for our environment, whether you are at home, in school or at work. Here are the 5 money-saving going green tips that I practice at home:
When printing or writing on paper, I make sure I use both sides. If the other side of the paper is blank, I cut it into smaller pieces and staple them together to make a mini notebook.
I print in draft mode as much as I can to reduce ink usage and I try not to print in colours.
The stocks for my business come in padded envelopes. I reuse these envelopes to send order packages to my customers and so far, all the packages have arrived safely.
I recharge my mobile phone and digital camera batteries when they are almost empty. Therefore, I save on electricity and it also ensures that the batteries last long.
I use energy-efficient lights at home. Although they may not be fancy, they only use about 30% power compared to regular bulbs. I also make it a habit to switch off lights whenever they are not needed.

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