Saturday, August 22, 2009

Halloween Costumes - Vampire, Street Fighter or Superhero?

If you are one of the many Halloween costume fans, you can rejoice in the fact that there is a page on Facebook that you can follow for updates on the latest halloween costumes. You can also search for Halloween costumes blog online and find ideas for your costume this year. Have you decided what costume to wear this year for Halloween?

Halloween is coming in 70 days, according to my count. Other than getting all the candies ready for the children who'll come to your home for trick-and-treating, ordering pumpkins for carving activities, and putting up Halloween decorations, Halloween costume is probably one of the most important elements in celebrating Halloween. This brings more headache, especially if you have children, who obviously will need Halloween costumes that are specially made for kids.

There are many types of Halloween costumes you can rent or if you want to save, you can make your own costume. I bet there will be many who'll wear vampire and werewolf costumes this year. Ever since the movie Twilight came out last year, everyone wants to dress up like Edward Cullen or Jacob Black. I think robot costumes from Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen movie will be a trend too this Halloween, and the same goes for Star Trek, G.I. Joe and Harry Potter costumes.

I personally like sexy costumes like the one on the left, which is the costume of Chun Li from The Street Fighter. Otherwise, dressing up like the sassy version of Captain America would be a great idea. I just love the bright colours, as opposed to the typical look of Halloween costumes, which is often dark and scary. I figured that if I get invited to a Halloween party this year, I'd just wear something colourful like the Chun Li or Captain America costumes.

What about you? Have you thought about your Halloween costume yet?

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