Friday, June 19, 2009

May Payouts from Ask2Link, SocialSpark, PayPerPost & BuyBlogReviews

I've received some payouts earlier this month. I received my 4th payout from SocialSpark. Click on the image to view large.

Payout from Ask2Link ($6.50) & SocialSpark ($25.80)

Payout from PayPerPost ($0.62) & BuyBlogReviews ($2.80)

I wouldn't recommend BuyBlogReviews because before I received the payment of $2.80, I knew I had more than $10 with them, but they only paid me a mere $2.80. I wrote an email to them and asked for a clarification, but I didn't get any response. Besides, the job I took was supposed to be $3.00. No idea what's wrong, but I won't be writing for less than $5 per post anymore.

I have more online earnings to write about, so stay tuned!

First commenter gets kaching love!

Bill - Inside Hollywood News


  1. Congrats Debbs. I agree with you if they are not going to pay then dont need to write for them. :)

  2. Try commentino - they pay good money for writing comments for posts, around $1 per comment. you can do 8-12 comments an hour, so it can be a nice deal.

  3. Thanks Bill! :) You're my FC, which blog here today?


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