Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project Wonderful - 2nd Payout

Yay! I received my 2nd payout from Project Wonderful yesterday. I received my first payout last March. Although it takes a while to reach the $10 payout, now we are sure that Project Wonderful does pay. It's a great program for arts and crafts business owners to advertise with. I love PW! :)

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First commenter gets kaching love!

Shemah - My Sweet Escape


  1. Hahaha chopping queen!!

  2. hahahaha chopping queen only on your blogs, debbs!!

  3. congratulations on your payout debbs!!! :) :) PW doesn't like me..

  4. I'm excited with Adgi, though!!! LOL! hahahahaha

  5. Okay lah tu, I give EC credits to all FC what...kaya EC la you next month hehehehe...I need to drop more ni..

  6. Thanks Shem! Pretty choosy la PW.


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