Monday, August 25, 2008

Paid To Click - NeoBux

I was never really a paid to click (PTC) program fan, but recently I've joined NeoBux. I've searched about it and I've seen payout proofs by many online money-makers. Registration is FREE. You can earn $0.02 per click and payout is $2 for first payout, $3 for second payout and so on until you reach $10. Payment i via AlertPay or Paypal.

You can also rent referrals who will earn for you for as low as $3 a month! I'm currently trying this option, so we'll see if it really works. I really hope it does! :)

Guess what? NeoBux is also available in Portuguese! Click the banner below to start earning! Have fun clicking!


  1. Wah you renting ref?? Let me know how that works for you eh.. I might want to give it a try if it works :)

    Eh mana pegi.. senyap jer.. you ok?

  2. Hi LJ, sorry I took so long to reply this. Apparently, the rent-a-ref function works. Unfortunately, since I wasn't online most of the time for the month when I was renting, I couldn't reap the max advantage out of it. You need to click ads every day in order to activate your refs each day. That's how it works.

    I now have almost $1 in my account and my 10 refs contributed 60 clicks. Again, most of the time I wasn't online, so imagine how many clicks I might get if I was! Lol!!

    But then, of course you'll rugi a little la in the beginning. Which business yg takde rugi kan?

  3. OIC Debbie.. ok.. let me know how it turns out this month ya.. this program got lots of potential :)

    I just joined this one.. check it out

  4. LJ, I haven't rented any refs this month. Tengok la, if I do, I'll let you know! :)

  5. LJ, I've joined isabelmarco and bought 5 refs lol! :):)

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